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  • Name:Metallic elastic hard sealing butterfly valve

  • detailed information

    Purpose and characteristic
    metal-sealed butterfly valve utilizes a resilient stainless steel seal mounted on the valve body to achieve true zero leakage:
    1, the seal can be adjusted, 100,000 life without leakage:
    2, special sealing structure, under high temperature and cold working conditions, the seal is free from stress deformation and reaches zero leakage
    3, three-dimensional eccentric structure, open the seal to separate, close the contact and seal
    4, axial positioning device, to solve the problem that the axial sealing surface is easy to leak, the transmission actuator can be installed in any direction;
    5, suitable for food, medicine, chemical and other net pipelines and industrial environmental protection, water treatment, high-rise buildings, water supply and drainage pipelines for opening and closing or regulating medium flow.

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